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16 September
— 20 May 2024
Julius Caesar
I came, I saw, I met my doom
Our first ever exhibition as H’ART Museum is of Caesar’s life and times, titled ‘I came, I saw, I met my doom.’ Experience Caesar through a collection of almost 150 historical objects—all telling one of the most exciting stories in world history. Walk through his famous rise from ordinary Roman to lauded general, all the way to his infamous downfall and murder. Explore his alliance (and affair) with Cleopatra as well as their legacy. He created cultural waves felt from Shakespeare to modern-day films. As you journey through these artefacts, untangle the myths to bring you closer to the reality of Julius Caesar’s victory and rule, his highpoints, and dark sides. We want you to ultimately decide for yourself, in today’s world, who he is to you. Exhibition runs from Saturday 16 September 2023 until Monday 20 May 2024.
Amsterdam Museum in H'ART Museum
Museum van de Geest | Amsterdam
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art
Intriguing, unpolished art by people with extraordinary backgrounds.
Now on view
True faces
Changing exhibitions by outsider artists. You can borrow works of art from the Artothek.

Outsider Art Galerie: True faces

True faces is a collaborative artwork on the idea of Sytske Frederika van Koeveringe.
'(...) suddenly I hear: ‘As an artist you show your true face,’ says a female artist. I look at her and from her I look at the man who said he thinks he’s a good painter. And from him I look at the woman who has been silently bent over her portrait for hours. Why have conversations about when you are an artist and what art is, when you can just make art together? Who the hell is the one who still decides what is or isn’t art?
You are an artist or not. You make beautiful things or you don’t. And we have all made a beautiful big piece of art. And I say this loud and proud.'
Emerging artist Sytske Frederika van Koeveringe (1988) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She is a painter, screen printer and writer. Her second book – Dag nacht licht toch – was nominated for the Jan Hanlo Essay Prize. She is currently working on her fourth book, which will be published by Atlas Contact in January 2024.

Other faces

In addition to the collaborative work ‘true faces’ and Sytske’s own work, other portraits are shown by Roos van Lierop (collages), ‘abstract faces’ by Yair Aa and self-portraits made by participants of Bijzonder Amsterdams.

Practical information

  • Location: Outsider Art Gallery
  • Times: Thursday - Saturday 12 -5 PM
  • Now on view
Regillio Benjamin
Regillio Benjamin

Outsider Art Gallery

In the Outsider Art Gallery changing exhibitions of well-known and less known outsiders from the Netherlands and abroad take place. You will find paintings, drawings, prints, ceramic statues, sculpture, collages, photos and textile art. All works are for sale, the entrance to the gallery is free.

The Outsider Art Gallery is founded in 2016 by Cordaan care organisation in cooperation with H'ART Museum and Museum het Dolhuys Haarlem.

The art in the Outsider Art Gallery is often unconventional. Most the artists have an intellectual or mental disability. They are not concerned with commercial targets and their works do not reflect current trends in art. The art comes bubbling up from within – it is in their minds and just needs to come out. Their work is fascinating, versatile and very pure. The Outsider Art Gallery offers a fully-fledged art platform for these colourful artists, not inside the walls of a care organisation, but rather in an inspiring museum environment.

Outsider Art Studios

Currently a group of 15 artists is at work in the Outsider Art Studios, located above the galleryThey are accompanied by professional artists and pedagogical employees and work on their own art: painting, drawing, print making and digital media. In the studios companies or groups of individuals can also attend art workshops led by an outsider artist.

Outsider Art Lease

The Outsider Art Lease Programme allows you to borrow outsider art works. For more information about workshops, guided tours and/or art lease please look at: www.outsiderartgalerie.nl. Entrance is free.

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